About Me

Dr. Jose Mendoza, once the most sought-after sports doctor in the Philippines, now devotes his life to helping individuals overcome the burdens of casino gambling and sports betting. A true expert in the field of sports betting, having seen its effects first-hand, Dr. Mendoza uses his unique perspective to educate and support those battling addiction.

Born and raised in Manila, Dr. Mendoza has spent decades helping athletes achieve their highest potential, whilst witnessing the hidden toll of sports betting and casino gambling on their lives. His mission has evolved over time to address this issue that affects far too many Filipinos.

Dr. Mendoza’s posts on theart2healingproject.org provide readers with insights drawn from his experiences, offering practical advice and actionable steps to combat gambling addictions. The doctor’s vision goes beyond mere recovery – he believes in empowering individuals to regain control of their lives and rebuild their relationships affected by gambling.

In joining theart2healingproject.org community, Dr. Mendoza hopes to inspire a broader conversation about gambling addiction in the Philippines and support those committed to overcoming it. He welcomes you to engage with his posts, share your experiences, and join him in promoting responsible gambling practices.