Past Projects

Children making artThai Burma Border


Noh Poe's Art Therapy program was part of a collaboration between The Art2Healing Project and COERR's Protect project in 2006, which focused in providing additional psychological and emotional support to the children and youth at risk in Noh Poe Refugee camp as well as building the capacity of child protection along the 9 camps along the border.


These refugee children have been survivors of multiple traumas, both from fleeing their war-torn start and coping with the stress of being resettled in a refugee camp, as well as being separated from their families. The creative art therapy workshop provided the children with the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their lives, their dreams, their aspirations, their strengths and their future potential. Their journeys have been documented and expressed through art in the language of symbols and images, and the process was extremely powerful to witness first hand.


Many of the children from the Refuge camps suffer from an incredible amount of loss, grief and trauma in their lives. Many of the children have been child soldiers, or aspire to be soldiers after they finish school. They are angry and confused about their situation, their lack of freedom and the injustice that they have suffered from the Burmese militia. Yet, despite their loss and suffering, many of them are able to rise to the difficult challenges that they face, and show true courage and wisdom despite the odds. Most of the children are incredibly determined to work and to help and support their community by studying and receiving a proper education.


To celebrate their voices and lives, COERR and The Art2Healing Project organized two art exhibitions for the children, in May and November 2006, with the aim of empowering the children and promoting education and awareness of the issues faced by the refugee children in camp. The exhibition presented their art work, stories, singing and dancing by the children.