Artwork: My Vision for the FutureOur Mission

The Art2Healing Project was created in 2005 by Australian based art therapist Lydia Tan. The project employs the creative arts therapies and awareness-based practices to facilitate transformation, self-awareness and healing. We use a broad variety of creative mediums such as painting, drawing, movement, dance and creative writing to nurture self exploration and self development.


Our mission is to provide a high quality of care, support and psychological intervention to individuals who suffer from a range of emotional, psychological and behavioral problems due to trauma, grief, loss and sexual abuse. We do this in two ways - working directly with the victims of trafficking and trauma and also working in conjunction with training organizations that provide care and support to the victims of trafficking. We strive to provide a holistic and sustainable model of psychosocial support and training which is culturally sensitive and applied effectively by these organizations.


We are currently working with anti-trafficking NGOs internationally with a focus in Asia. We have established
relationships with grassroots organizations that are lacking adequate resources, support and training in the areas of psychological intervention and women's health. The scope of our work includes:

  • • Providing Creative Art Therapy and Counseling education training and workshops to caretakers and social workers


  • • Creating Art Therapy Programs and Workshops for trafficking survivors in after-care shelters


  • • Facilitating Creative Arts Therapy Research for policy making


  • • Organizing art advocacy, education and awareness raising campaigns


  • • Providing "Caring for Caretakers" Workshops and Women's Health Education



The Art2Healing Project seeks to expand its work to provide our services to serve other women and children in Asia and other areas of the world.