Hopes and Dreams 2005Cambodia

Hopes and Dreams 2005


In November 2005, an art exhibition was organized for the general public at Del Gusto Café, Phnom Penh, to share the stories and journeys of a group of trafficked women who participated in the Art2Healing Project - creative art therapy rehabilitation program.


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Turning the Tides 2007Cambodia

Turning the Tides 2007


This is a series of images from the 2007 exhibition “Turning the Tides” created by a participant at an art therapy workshop. The series of images and narratives tell her story as a trafficked survivor.


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Hopes and Dreams for our Future May 2006Thai-Burma Border

Dreams - Hopes and Dreams for our Future May 2006


Noh Poe's Art Therapy program is a part of COERR's Protect Project, which provided additional psychological and emotional support to the children and youth at risk in Noh Poe Refugee camp.This exhibition invites the viewer to participate in these children's lives by being a witness to their inner landscape, where they have come, and where they inspire to go.


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PrayersThai-Burma Border

Prayers November 2006


In November 2006, “Prayers - An art exhibition by Refugee Children”, was presented in Nu Poe, with the theme of celebrating, respecting and honoring the stories and the lives of refugee children, the issues that they face in the refugee camp, their ideas of peace, as well as the future in which they envision and hope for themselves personally as well as collectively.


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Laos June 2010

June 2010


In June this year AFESIP launched an exhibition in Vientiane to showcase some of the art created by the victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.


The exhibition brought together paintings and sculptures made by the survivors at AFESIP rescue shelters during their counseling sessions with TheArt2Healing Project, where through art therapy, they learn to express and heal the pain of their traumatic experiences.


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