Dreams -  Hopes and Dreams for our FutureThai Burma Border

Dreams -
Hopes and Dreams for our Future 2006

Noh Poe's Art Therapy program is a part of COERR's Protect Project, which provided additional psychological and emotional support to the children and youth at risk in Noh Poe Refugee camp.This exhibition invites the viewer to participate in these children's lives by being a witness to their inner landscape, where they have come, and where they inspire to go. The community were encouraged to sink into a deeper understanding of the issues that these children face, their dreams and their aspirations, and their strengths and hope in their lives, so as to promote awareness, empathy, support, acknowledgement and validation for these children at risk. It also provides a space for these children to be heard and to be empowered and supported by the community.


In May 2006, “Dreams - Our Hope and Vision for our Future”, was launched in the COERR's office in Nu Poe refugee camp. The exhibition included musical and dance performances by the refugee children and a group painting mural competition entitled - Our Community: The hopes and dreams for our future. It was a wonderful day, with about a hundred kids attending the exhibition, and many of them filled with a sense of achievement and a sense of pride in their work. The exhibition also gave these children a opportunity to be honored and respected for their strength and story of survival, and for some, it was a crucial part of the healing and recovery process from their past trauma.


This is a selection of artworks which were shown at the exhibition "Dreams" May 2006


Worst and best days of my life


The Worst day of my life

“When I saw my villagers being tortured and burnt by the SPDC, I was unhappy. The SPDC stabbed and pointed dangerous weapons at my fellow villagers. When I saw this I felt extremely unhappy.”








The Best day of my life

“The best day of my life was when I went fishing in the river near my village when I was living in the Karen state. I am happy when I am in nature and by myself.”


Life before campLife before Camp

“This is my village where I lived in Burma. My village was very big and it was divided into 2 parts separated by a river. Before the SPDC entered my village, we were all leading very peaceful lives and lived very happily with each other. We grew rice and vegetables in our village and some of the villagers went hunting in the forest to get food. One day, the SPDC came and burnt down our village. We had to run away and hide in the forest so that the SPDC would not kill us. We managed to run away and now I stay in Nu Poe Refugee Camp. I miss my homeland and my parents very much.”