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Laos PDR


AFESIP (Agir Pour Les Femmes En Situation Precaire) Laos is a local non-government organization that combats the causes and consequences of trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls. In addition to providing holistic care and recovery for those rescued, AFESIP offers vocational training to support sustainable community reintegration.


AFESIP is involved in outreach work, prevention; advocacy and campaigning. AFESIP regularly represents and participates in women's issues at national, regional and international forums.


The project used a holistic approach to rehabilitate, reintegrate and repatriate victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. AFESIP Laos covers all aspects of the consequences of trafficking for sex slavery. This ranges from investigations and rescue operations of victims in slave-like conditions to follow-up of persons after their rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community.


In 2007, The Art2Healing Project and AFESIP Laos worked together to:
• Provide social workers and caretakers of trafficked victims with basic counseling and creative art therapy skills.
• Provide Creative Art Therapy Programs for trafficked women in after-care shelters.
• Provide Creative Art Therapy Research to create a charter for the shelter, as well as to lobby for effective curative policies in Laos PDR.