Current Projects


The AFESIP Laos PDR Project


In May 2010, The Art2Healing Project completed another stage of our program in Laos PDR.

Working alongside French grassroots organization AFESIP (Acting for Women in Distressing Situations), the program proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

The Art2Healing Project has worked with some of these survivors in Laos PDR for over four years, watching them heal and gain a continuing sense of self-worth.

Many of these trafficking victims have now become social workers themselves, reaching out and helping other women and children who have been trafficked. These survivors prove that they can overcome their hardships and transform their wounds to serve and help others.

The Art2Healing Project wasconfronted by the daily discrimination that the survivors of sex trafficking face from their communities. These women are not only sex slaves, but are conditioned to be slaves in life to their husbands as well as to their families.

Our continuing work with these survivors is vital. Since the prior workshop, we noticed that the participants' understanding of counseling, art therapy and other holistic methodologies of care and support had deepened. There was a more positive energy in their approach to work and life.

Many of them participants showed vast improvement in moving past their own traumatic experiences and
embracing art therapy as a means to not only heal themselves, but as a tool to help them counsel and heal others.

A lot of work still remains to shift the deep-rooted cultural mindset of negativity associated with prostitution. Next year we will be heading back to Laos PDR to continue our work with the social workers as well as the survivors of trafficking in 2011.