Women's Empowerment Project

Yoga Therapy2010 has welcomed significant changes to the current format of the Arts Therapy workshops for trafficked survivors.  After participant feedback and observations by the workshop facilitator in 2009, an obvious gap emerged in the survivor’s knowledge of women’s health education.  


The workshops will now have a greater focus on women’s health while still covering the important aspects of psychological health and the mind-body connection.    


The project’s main objective is to inspire and guide women using arts therapy techniques such as yoga and meditation, so they may begin to honour their bodies through self-care, particularly around pelvic care and their menstrual cycle, enabling a deeper understanding of their truth and intuition.    


The Art2Healing Project’s vision is to offer tools and resources to facilitate this change in attitude and learning, providing culturally sensitive information and education, so that these women can lead more fulfilling, empowered lives.


We are open to the sharing of any resources in women’s health and women’s yoga.


If you feel compelled to share any resources with survivors of trafficking, please contact Lydia Tan on: art2healing@yahoo.com.au